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Fat Gripz – Thick bar training

It is true to say that your body is only as strong as its weakest link. This is certainly true when it comes to strength sports or weightlifting where explosive power requires a multitude of different muscle groups to ensure you perform at your maximum. Fat Gripz explain that more often than not it is an individual’s grip strength which is the weakest point of the body and as such, this weak grip holds back the rest of the body’s progression when weight lifting for strength gains, leading to training plateau’s. The reason being that most dumbbell and barbell bars are designed to be picked up easily and comfortably. The problem with this is that your grip strength fails to develop at the same rate as your other muscle groups so your hands and forearms become weak points compared to the other developing muscle groups in your body. Fat Gripz help counteract this and make thick bar training cheap and achievable. Fat Gripz lock onto any barbell or dumbbell, changing the diameter of your training bars to activate your grip strength while you lift. Many elite athletes state that by only adding Fat Gripz to your normal weight lifting schedule you will dramatically increase grip strength and see gains in the rest of your body. The predominant benefits of training with Fat Gripz are that when weight training you will spread the weight more evenly across your body, helping you to lift more and become stronger. What’s more, you will eliminate imbalances, increase muscle activation and add muscle to your forearms. Check out why elite athletes from the NFL, NHL, pro weight lifting communities and more are using Fat Gripz to improve their grip strength and smash training plateaus at the Fat Gripz website. Fat Gripz retail at $39.